VIP Finesse Queens

Calling all beauty enthusiasts!!! Maison De Finesse is always looking for beautiful & charismatic influencers to add to our VIP Finesse Queen list, which is separate from our regular VIP newsletter list. By being on our VIPFQ list, you will be representing our brand & promoting our products. Every 1-2 months we will be selecting 3-5 different ladies to represent us. 

*VIP* Finesse Queens will receive:

  1. One special VIP Finesse Queen Welcome package that includes: 2-3 pairs of MDF mink lashes of your choice (can choose your fav. from all 6 styles), MDF lash applicator, assorted beauty products & MDF branded goodies
  2. Your own personal 30% off discount code
  3. An additional 15% off discount code to provide to your audience. For every 10th purchase made using your discount code, you will receive  3 free pairs of your choice
  4. One free sample of our newest products prior to their announcement & release
  5. Exclusive MDF Birthday offer or gift + shoutout
  6. Free promo/more followers for yourself as we will be reposting your pictures/videos on our social media accounts & website blog!

*VIP* Finesse Queen Qualifications:

  • Must be following us on social media (Facebook & Instagram is mandatory) @MaisonDeFinesse
  • Must be subscribe to our VIP Mailing List
  • Must have an engaged social media following (a minimum of 1000 followers)
  • Must agree to promote our brand on all of your social media accounts
  • Must agree to promote our products/services for 1 month
  • Must use these 2 hashtags on all of your MDF promoted posts: #MDFVIPFQ #MaisonDeFinesse
  • Must be a lover of all things beauty! 

If this is something that interests you, please fill out the form below or send us an email at with the subject: "VIP Finesse Queen". You must include:

  • First & Last name
  • Birthdate
  • Your city & country
  • Social media handle(s)
  • Why you think you would be the perfect candidate for the role
  • (Your phone number is not required in the form below)

We will only reach out to you if we consider you as the perfect candidate. If we do not reach out, this means that unfortunately we will have to pass on you this time around, however we thank you for your interest & will keep your application for a near-future collab.
Average response time for your VIPFQ application can take between 1-2 weeks from the day you send in your application. Please bear with us.

Again, we thank everyone for their interest. We sincerely appreciate the love & support & we can't wait to collab with you babes!!! xo

*Terms & conditions apply. We reserve the right to withdraw from our partnership/collaboration at anytime. Welcome packages will be different each time & may contain different items for different influencers. Only one free sample of our new unreleased products per influencer. Influencer can only promote new unreleased product once we give them permission to. If you promote our unreleased products prior to getting permission from us, we have the right to withdraw from our partnership, your discount codes will be deactivated & you will not be considered for collaborations with us in the future. Personal 30% discount code is valid for 1 month from the date your collaboration with us begins. If we decide to extend our partnership with you, we will reach out to you & will extend the validity of your promo codes. Please keep in mind that this is all based on the traffic/customers you bring in. Your 30% discount code will be attached to one personal/business email address of yours & can only be used by you. Your 15% audience discount code is also valid for 1 month. For every 10th purchase made with your discount code, you will receive 1 free pair of lashes of your choice. Exclusive birthday gift or offer available if your birthday falls within the same month(s) of your partnership with us. Must have an engaged social media following, minimum of 1000 followers, who have the same interests as yourself. Must agree to promote us by making either a video, tutorial, video review, before/after picture, and/or standard clear picture. Must promote us on your social media (preferably Facebook, Instagram or YouTube) by posting a minimum of 1-2 times per week, within our 1 month collaboration. You are allowed to promote us as much as you want as long as you agree to promote us at least once a week.  If you fail to promote our brand within the guidelines provided, we reserve the right to withdraw from our partnership with you & deactivate your promo codes immediately.

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