FAQs - lashes

Maison De Finesse's lashes are sourced from our certified manufacturer & are produced with the fur of young Siberian minks. These young minks are not harmed during the process as the fur is collected only when they naturally shed once a year, making our mink lashes 100% cruelty-free!

Maison De Finesse's lashes are:

• High quality, multi-layered, 3D Siberian Mink
• Realistic, wispy & fluffy
• 100% cruelty-free
• Hypoallergenic
• Sterilized
• Our Signature Collection ranges between 16mm-20mm in length
• Lightweight & durable
• Reusable up to 25 times or more with proper care
• Easy to apply & care for
• Comes with a free lash spoolie to keep your mink hairs laid
• Comes with our reusable MDF Diamanté case to store your lashes in

1. Always make sure that you wash your hands & MDF Lash Applicator thoroughly prior to applying your minks. This helps to avoid getting any bacteria in your eyes & infections.

2. Maison De Finesse highly recommends using our signature gold MDF Lash Applicator to apply your lashes as using your fingers can get your natural oils on the mink hairs and damage the shape of them. Gently remove the lashes from the case with your applicator, always making sure to start peeling off from the inner end of the band (DO NOT PULL THE MINK HAIRS), middle & then the outer end of the band.

3. Trim the sides to best suit your eye shape & length. Be careful when doing this as you do not want to over trim, or cut too many mink hairs off.

4. Curl your real lashes & apply your mascara before hand, if you prefer wearing mascara along with your lashes. Carefully apply your favorite lash glue to the cotton band of your minks, or apply to your lash line if you're using our MDF 2-in-1 Lash Bond Liner. Our Lash Bond Liner is a high-quality lash glue that holds your lashes in place for hours & comes in the shade: Noir.
If you prefer using regular lash glue, we recommend using DUO Adhesive which is another high quality lash glue that holds your lashes in place for hours. Their glue comes in clear or dark.
Less is most certainly more, so we advise using a minimal amount of glue on your lash band, otherwise things can get messy & sticky.

5. If you are using our MDF 2-in-1 Lash Bond Liner, you may place your lashes on top of the line you drew, immediately. If you are using DUO Adhesive, you can wait 30-40 seconds or blow on the glue until it becomes more of a tacky consistency. Once the glue is tacky, use your MDF Lash Applicator to carefully apply your lashes to very bottom of your lash line (just above your real lashes). Try to get it as close to your lashes as possible, without actually placing the strip right on your lashes. Placing the strip directly on your real lashes can ruin your real lashes when you are ready to remove your minks if you are not careful, so please apply wisely. You want to make sure to line up the corner of the lash strip as close to the corner of your eye as possible, to make sure your minks look as natural as possible.
*Optional*: Apply our MDF 2-in-1 Lash Bond Liner after to fill in any spaces/gaps. This will make your lash line look absolutely flawless!

*Tip: If you LOVE the dramatic, voluminous look, we advise that you go up a style as our lash styles range from extremely natural to dramatic. We also recommend that you try your best to avoid using mascara directly on the mink lashes. If you are set on using mascara, make sure to apply your mascara to your real eyelashes prior to applying your MDF mink lashes.

We recommend making your mink lash application the last step of your makeup routine to avoid getting powders such as eyeshadow all over them.

1. Remove the glue: Once you have gently removed your mink lashes from your eyes, start off by trying to remove the lash glue with either your fingers or applicator. Your minks are very delicate so you want to make sure that you take your time with this step.

2. Clean lashes: Once you have removed most of the glue from your minks, you can lay them on a flat surface (preferably on some paper towel), dip a Q-tip in some warm water and gently swipe over the lash band. After a few swipes, you should see the glue come off on the Q-tip.
*Tip: Avoid soaking your lashes in water as this may ruin the curl pattern & shape of them. Do not use any harsh chemicals such as makeup remover as this may also damage the appearance of your mink lash curls.
If you do get your lashes wet during the cleaning process, make sure to brush them out very well with your spoolie, then lay them out to dry. Do not wait until they are dry to brush them out.

3. After care: Be sure to store your lashes away in your reusable MDF Diamanté case to keep them from getting dusty, crusty & musty! ;).

At this time we do not offer faux mink lashes.

In the near future we do intend on adding a faux mink collection for our Finesse Queens who desire vegan-friendly lash options. Please stay tuned!

1. Prior to using your Lash Bond Liner, make sure to shake very well (at least 10 secs.)

2. Remove lid & apply 3-5 layers (or more) onto your lash line, just as you would with any other liquid eyeliner. Make sure to apply pressure to the felt tip when drawing your line. This will draw more adhesive out of the pen.

3. Immediately place your MDF mink lashes on top of the line you've just drawn.

4. Apply pressure with your lash applicator or clean finger tips, to assure that the lashes are properly bonded to your eyelid's lash line.

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