Permanent Makeup & the COVID-19 shot

Permanent Makeup & the COVID-19 shot

Is it safe to get Permanent Makeup after getting the Covid-19 shot? Great question! Here’s some insightful information from that will help with any concerns you may have regarding the shot:

All PMU procedures involve breaking the skin. That trauma triggers a response from your immune system. This, combined with the ever-present risk of infections whenever the skin is opened is quite strenuous on your immunity.

The COVID-19 shot is a much bigger strain on the immune system and the body needs time and strength to build immunity. During this process, your immune system is much more alert and will react more aggressively to any changes or trauma.
The shot could also weaken your immune system and make you more susceptible to infections. So in case you’re getting the COVID-19 shot, it’s best not to subject your body to any unnecessary stress.

Your body can react to Permanent Makeup in many different ways after receiving the COVID-19 shot, or if you’re planning to get one soon. Some of the reactions include:

▫️Intense swelling
▫️Increased sensitivity during & after the procedure
▫️Pigment rejection

Since the shot makes your immune system more alert, it will fight any foreign substance more aggressively. This can significantly diminish pigment retention.
That said, of course, it’s not impossible to get both permanent makeup and COVID shot. You just have to wait out the advised time period between the two – at least 2 weeks. Otherwise, you could suffer different complications.

In conclusion, although the excessive reactions that may occur as a result of combining permanent makeup and COVID shot are short-term, they should be avoided as they can cause discomfort and stress.
No matter how much you want to get permanent makeup, please reconsider your timing and wait at least 2 weeks before or after your covid shot sequence to get PMU.


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