Esther "Estherina" Darroux is the Founder & C.E.O. of Maison De Finesse & was born in the year of 1990, in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.

Estherina has always been a beauty enthusiast her entire life & has always dreamed of operating her own business in beauty & fashion. Her long term goal has always been to own a one-stop beauty shop for women who need help getting right for the night or for a big event. Whether you need your hair done, brows finessed, a sexy new outfit, your nails did & a fresh pair of lashes, Estherina wants to ensure you're taken care of. She is on the path to securing her dreams & is excited to bring you along for the ride!

She is currently an independent & experienced Travel Manager, in partnership with a global travel agency & has a demonstrated history of working in the retail, leisure, travel & tourism industry.
Traveling around the world & making her clients dreams come true by doing the same is her passion which is why she has excelled in her industry for almost 8 years now.

Estherina moved from Winnipeg to the Greater Toronto Area about 3 years ago as she needed a change & knew she would be able to better pursue her dream of building her empire in a larger city. With many opportunities in Toronto, she felt like it was time to turn her dreams into reality & bring her vision of owning her own business in the beauty & online fashion world to life.

In the past, Estherina had some insecurities with the issue of not being able to grow her brows in full due to shaving them off at a very young age. So getting ready & ensuring her brows looked beautiful & full with brow makeup always resulted in taking FOREVER to get ready. Ombré brows seemed like the perfect solution for her & it was! Her ombré brows have saved her so much time getting ready, becoming a life-changer for her. This inspired her to help other women who are in the same predicament as she once was, feel just as amazing & confident as she now does.

Estherina is a 2x Certified Ombré Powder & Microblading Technician with extensive training. With her patience, attention to detail & her ability to deal with intricate situations, she aims to be one of the best in the Permanent Makeup industry!

In addition to the permanent makeup services she offers, another one of Esther's beauty must-haves are beautiful, natural & fluffy mink lashes. She was bored & unimpressed with unrealistic department store lashes & decided that she needed more of a realistic, natural & wispy look, while still being cost effective. She did her research, tested samples & found 9 beautiful & unique lash styles that she will never stray away from. There's a style for every mood she's in & she's ecstatic to share these 9 exquisite lash styles with the rest of the world!

Now when it comes to fashion & clothing, Estherina always aims to look her best at all times & wears clothing that is flattering to her body shape. Her personal style includes young contemporary apparel & trendy street wear. She’s obsessed with neutrals, however she is all about splashing a lil' pop of colour to her wardrobe whenever she can. Her plan is to implement her own personal style into the collections of apparel that she will offer, along with currently hot trends of today’s fashion world.
Estherina wants to provide a wide variety of clothes for women of all colours, shapes & sizes, especially to those within Canada, as us Canadians don't have too many options when shopping for premium, comfortable & celebrity-inspired apparel.
One of Estherina's main goals is to save Canadians extra money on shipping costs & customs fees, while offering unique fashion styles you can’t find anywhere else!

You can follow Estherina day to day on her personal Instagram: @Estheriiina

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