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Estherina is a 3x Certified Microblading & Ombré Powder Technician, professionally trained by one of the best in the PMU industry: Lola Klova, in Toronto, ON. Canada. Estherina took an extensive, in-depth 5-day training course for Ombré Powder & Microblading, as well as a Brow Lamination + Tinting course & is fully equipped & prepared to finesse your brows to your liking.

MDF Brows by Estherina is fully insured. Estherina is Bloodborne Pathogens certified & also has her Barbicide COVID-19 certification, so you are in perfect hands!

Our home based studio is located in Brampton, ON., near Shopper’s World (Steeles & Hurontario). Our address will be emailed to you within 24 hours of your appointment.

We accept online payments via our scheduling system for both deposits & full payment.
On the day of your appointment, you are more than welcome to pay your remaining balance via cash or e-transfer. All e-transfers can be sent to: sales@maisondefinesse.com

All e-transfers will include 13% tax. Cash payments = No tax

Yes, permanent makeup is completely safe.

At Maison De Finesse, we take our clients health & safety very seriously. We make sure that our clients are aware of our eligibility & qualification guidelines which are clearly outlined on this FAQs page & our booking page. 

The pigments we use to perform Microblading & Ombré powder procedures adhere to the highest standards for purity & are tested to comply with their respective specifications for use in micro-pigmentation.
We use safe, high-grade topical anesthetic prior to & throughout your permanent makeup procedure, making sure you are comfortable.

Our tools are 100% sterile, for one-time use only & are safely disposed of after each client.

Maison De Finesse adheres to the strictest infection control standards. We make sure to disinfect & sterilize our workspace with hospital grade products before & after each appointment.

Estherina is Bloodborne Pathogens Certified & is also Barbicide Covid-19 certified, so you are in perfect hands. MDF Brows by Estherina is also fully insured.

We are highly dedicated to ensuring we implement the proper measures to keep each & every one of our Finesse Queen's safe.

There is little to no pain during your permanent makeup procedure. Most clients report only feeling minor pressure/discomfort & way less pain than a typical tattoo. We’ve even had clients fall asleep during their procedure!

Estherina uses a highly-effective, topical cream/gel anesthetic to numb your brow area before and/or during the procedure.

During your consultation, you will have the option to pre-numb your brows or not. The choice is all yours, as everyone’s pain tolerance varies.
Please keep in mind that pre-numbing will add an extra 30 minutes to your appointment as there is a waiting period after applying the topical anesthetic, to allow it to settle & take into effect. Those with a high pain tolerance may wish to skip the pre-numbing step & jump right into the procedure!

If you decide not to pre-numb, Estherina will still apply anesthetic gel to your brows throughout the procedure to reduce any discomfort & to ensure that you’re at ease.

Inevitably, each individual’s pain threshold will vary. However, Estherina will go above & beyond to ensure that you are comfortable throughout your entire appointment!

It can take anywhere between 2-4 hours to complete your procedure, depending on how complex your desired brows are, how easy it is to implant the pigment into your skin & if you decide to pre-numb your brows or not.

At Maison De Finesse, attention to detail is our strong suit & we strive to give you the most perfect brows you could ever dream of. Estherina will not start the procedure until you are 100% satisfied with the shape she has mapped out for you. No rushing through your appointment, guaranteed!

We recommend having a clear schedule after your procedure or allow an extra hour or 2 as a buffer, should your appointment go past the scheduled timeframe.

• Natural looking/realistic hair strokes
• (Microblading/Combo)Ombré Powder heals soft & light, just like your everyday makeup
• Smudge-proof, Sweat-proof, Water-proof
• Never have to worry about drawing your brows on again = saves so much time getting ready
• 100% safe & sterile
• You feel so much more confident in your own skin
• Your results are semi-permanent & can last between 1-3 years, allowing you to switch up your brow style when you're ready for a change

Luckily, there is not much to prep prior to your appointment. However, here are some recommendations:

• If you have an ideal shape or color you would prefer, please bring a picture with you or you may fill in your brows as you normally would. Estherina will take into consideration your desired look when she suggests the perfect shape & color for you, based on your facial structure & skin undertone.
• We recommend not waxing, threading or tweezing your brows for at least a week prior to your appointment, however it is totally up to you to make that call.
• Please do not take Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Niacin, Fish Oil or Vitamin E 24-48 hours prior to your appointment, unless medically necessary. Tylenol is fine.
• Please avoid caffeine, blood-thinners & alcohol 24 hours prior to your appointment as this will minimize any unnecessary bleeding during & after your procedure.
• We highly recommend avoiding extreme sun exposure for 4 weeks pre & post procedure as the sun's UV Rays can fade the pigment very quickly. If avoiding the outdoors is impossible for you, please be sure to wear a hat to block the sun & apply sunblock.

There is no need to do so as Estherina will remove any unwanted hair for you & will shape your brows to your liking prior to the procedure. If there is a specific look you are going for, you are more than welcome to bring in a picture of your desired look & Estherina will make every effort to mimic the look for you.
Please keep in mind that not all shapes/styles will suit your facial structure. Estherina will take your requested look into consideration, however she will provide her professional advice & opinions in order to make sure we are giving you the perfect style that best suits your unique facial structure.

Microblading & Ombré Powder are technically semi-permanent procedures that can last anywhere between 1-3 years. Overtime they will fade as the longevity of your eyebrows depends on your age, lifestyle, skin type, sun exposure, pre-care, post-care & maintenance.

Please keep in mind that your results are not always guaranteed as the healing process for each individual is different, which is 100% out of our control.

Touch ups vary for each individual. Microblading & Ombré Powder are both two-step procedures. A touch up appointment is required 6-8 weeks after your initial appointment to correct any minor imperfections, then you may get additional touch-ups annually, to maintain your desired look.
Step 1: Your initial appointment
Step 2: One-time Complimentary touch up appointment (6-8 weeks after Step 1 has been completed).

We are glad to inform you that there is absolutely no downtime! Keep in mind that you may experience some redness & swelling which will eventually go away within a few hours.

There are 3 stages of physical healing:

• The Bold Stage
• The Flaking/Peeling Stage
• The Drastically Light stage

The healing process can vary for each individual. Typically it takes 7-14 days for them to heal & during this time you will notice some flaking, which will naturally fall off on its own. Once the flaking process is completed, your skin will be considered healed! It can take 4-6 weeks for the final results to appear, so please be patient.

Yes! Your brows will eventually shrink in size & heal 30-50% lighter.

Whatever you do, DO NOT try to peel any flakes off on your own. These flakes should peel & fall off naturally. This is very crucial in making sure that your brows heal perfectly.

We understand how long & uncomfortable this process can be for some people but following our instructions & maintaining them properly will determine how beautiful they will appear once they are properly healed.

There are many factors that can affect the speed & pace of your healing process such as:

• Skin type
• Age
• Physical activities
• Diet
• Exposure to sunlight
• Pre & Post care

After your appointment, you will be given an aftercare kit that includes brow wash, brow ointment & specific aftercare instructions.
It is very important to follow these rules for the first few weeks after your initial appointment:

• Protect your brows from water at all costs!! - Getting your brows wet during the healing process will not allow the pigment to retain in your skin. Yes, you can still wash your face but you must be extremely careful when doing so. Try using a cotton pad to wash your forehead & around the brows, making sure to avoid direct contact with your brows.
• Sweating should also be avoided, at least for the first 2 weeks after your procedure, as sweat comes from inside of your skin & can push the pigment out, which will ruin the final result of your brows. You basically want to avoid sweating until the scabs/flakes have completely fallen off.
• As mentioned previously, sun exposure can affect the retention of the pigment in your skin. Please make sure to avoid sun exposure for 4 weeks. If you can't do so, make sure you’re always wearing a hat. After the first 2 weeks, you can apply a small amount of sun block to help. 
• DO NOT apply makeup to your brows during the healing process. It's really not necessary at any point to apply makeup after getting microblading or powder brows. That's the whole point of semi-permanent makeup, right?
• DO NOT peel the flakes off yourself. Let them fall off naturally
• DO NOT scratch your brows during the healing process.
• Try to avoid long, hot, steamy showers for the first 14 days
• Avoid placing your face on your pillow during the healing process - We understand that this may be quite difficult to do, however it is a very crucial step in making sure that your brows heal effectively. Having your face touch the pillow can cause the flakes to fall off prematurely which, in result can cause the pigment to fade completely. If you can, try your best to sleep on your back, or with your head right at the end of your pillow.

After your healing period has ended, you are free to go back to your regular activities! YAY!

The best way to retain your final look is to always book regular touch ups. You will also want to avoid using products such as Lactic acid, Glycolic acid & Retinol near your brows as these will fade the pigment. If you are someone who uses these products, try applying them at least 1-inch away from your brows.

If you currently have microbladed/ombre brows that were done by another artist, Estherina has the ability to reshape, redefine & color correct your brows upon your request, if you are a suitable candidate.

Please keep in mind that not all individuals are suitable for corrections/coverups if their skin is too overworked/scarred or if their brows are still too saturated with pigment.

To see if you qualify for correctional work/a cover up, you must submit a clear photo of your brows (without any filters or makeup) to info@maisonefinesse.com prior to booking your appointment. Estherina will review your photo(s) to determine if we can move forward with your cover up procedure.

Please do not book the cover up without approval by Estherina, as doing so may result in a loss of your deposit.

You will be considered the perfect candidate for Microblading if you have the following:

• Dry to Normal skin as it will retain the pigment longer & heal pleasantly, as opposed to oily skin
• Small, tiny pores
• Skin texture that is smooth & tight
• Sparse/patchy brows that require more volume & density

You will be considered the perfect candidate for Ombré Powder if you have the following:

• Dry to Oily skin. All skin types are perfect for this procedure, which is why it is our preferred method!
• Little to no brows at all

As mentioned previously, results will vary from person to person. We don’t recommend the Microblading method if you have oily skin & large pores as it will not heal effectively & can turn out looking like a hot mess!

If you happen to have a pre-existing medical condition or take certain medications, you still may be eligible for either procedure however, it is recommended that you adjust your expectations based on your current situation & consult with your doctor.

Unfortunately, Microblading & Ombré Powder is NOT suitable for you & you will be denied service if any of the following apply to you:

• Under the age of 18 years old
• Pregnant or nursing
• Sick with the flu, cold, cough, viral infection
• Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea, Dermatitis or any other type of skin irritations near the treated area such as sunburn, acne, rashes, etc.
• Autoimmune disease such as: HIV/AIDS, Lupus, Celiac disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hashimoto’s
• You have a pacemaker or major heart problems
• Undergoing Radiotherapy/Chemotherapy (please consult with your doctor)
• Diabetes Type 1 or 2 (please consult with your doctor)
• High-blood pressure or heart condition (please consult with your doctor)
• Prone to Keloid scarring
• Epilepsy/Seizures (please consult with your doctor)
• Accutane/Topical Steroids if taken within 6 months-1 year
• Taking Blood-thinning medication
• Allergic to metal or tattoo ink
• Allergic to Lidocaine or Epinephrine
• Used Retinol within 2 weeks of procedure
• Botox/Injectables within 30 days of procedure

If you are unsure if any of these apply to you or not, it is vital & mandatory to consult with your doctor, as well as Estherina prior to booking an appointmentIf your doctor gives the green light to have semi-permanent makeup performed on you, you are REQUIRED to provide a doctor's note when you come in for your appointment.



(Coming Soon)

Estherina will be offer this brand new service this September 2021. Please keep an eye out for the announcement.

More questions?

For any further questions or concerns you may have, please email us at: info@maisondefinesse.com or visit our Contact Us page.