Established in 2020, Maison De Finesse is a French inspired, black owned beauty & fashion brand based out of Canada, aspiring to become your go-to when it comes to achieving your eyebrow & wardrobe goals.

We strive to make you feel beautiful & confident in your own skin by accentuating your natural beauty & curves with finesse.

Whether you are a mother, young professional, entrepreneur, homemaker or student, we offer the perfect products & services to help fulfill all of your needs!

Maison De Finesse stands for diversity & it is our mission to appeal to all beautiful queens 
from all walks of life.

We truly believe that eyebrows are the frame of your face, as they can accentuate & balance out your natural features. That’s why perfecting your brows is our passion & ultimate goal!

Ombré Powder, Brow Lamination & Tinting can create a refined & luxurious look, enhancing your overall appearance.

If you are someone who suffers from hair loss, thin or sparse eyebrows, you are certainly not alone. We have the solution & strive to provide you with immaculate results.

With her knowledge & expertise, each pair of brows Estherina creates are carefully shaped & customized to your liking & to best suit your unique facial structure.

Say goodbye to drawing in your brows everyday! We will eliminate that extra step of your makeup routine & give 
you that extra boost of confidence you need!

Let’s face it! We all aren’t not born with naturally long, fluffy eyelashes we all dream of having & individual lash extensions aren't for everyone, as they may not be easily accessible to you.

If you are someone like Estherina who is always on the run, working & traveling, you may not have time to go in for an extension appointment every 2-weeks. It may also be difficult trying to schedule one with your favorite lash artist, as they’re always fully booked. This is where we come in!

Maison De Finesse offers 9 high-quality, easily accessible 3D mink lash styles that are sure to give you the natural, yet wispy & fluffy look you desire. These handmade lashes are curated with the utmost care & packaged elegantly to make you feel like real royalty while on-the-go!

MDF Atelier (pronounced: uh-tel-ee-ay) is the newest addition to Maison De Finesse & is looking to take the world by storm!! Our goal is to not only accentuate your natural beauty with finesse, but also your bodacious curves with our young contemporary women’s apparel.

MDF Atelier caters to those who have a passion for fashion. No matter where you come from, how you choose to identify yourself, your race, body type or personal style is, we aim to provide our Finesse Queens with innovative & trendy styles for every season.

Our Finesse queens are bad, bougie, sexy, flirty & can still keep it classy like a boss, when need be. That's why our collection will feature the perfect pieces for any mood or occasion. When you want to feel & look like the ultimate baddie, we got you! When you need to boss up & keep it professional, best believe we got you covered!

Our style is celeb-inspired clubwear, plus we offer everyday looks that you can wear out & about, at the office or in the comfort of your own home!

We offer the hottest, elevated & easily accessible styles to make you feel beautiful, empowered, luxurious & confident, all at an affordable price! No matter what your budget is, we got something just for you!


In addition to providing these wonderful products & services, we provide easy pick-up service for all local online orders, as well as efficiently service our international Finesse Queens online with ease.


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